8 Success Tips For Vancouver Businesses

Nowadays, companies in Vancouver BC not only seek to recruit personnel with a wide range of knowledge and experience, but also have an innovative, positive and motivating attitude, qualities that organizations value very well. Positive attitudes, professional passion, and assertiveness are indicators that help better target skills and continuously guide the skills to guide people toward successful career growth. Starting from a positive attitude, which reflects the motivations and goals expected, orients people towards a better disposition and efficient work, which becomes a way to achieve personal and professional success. Here are eight qualities that allow one to improve some attitudes, which leads to a positive behavior and allows for the achievement of professional success:

1. Balance between professional and personal life

It is necessary to be aware that the activity that is carried out in an organization must also be combined with the personal goals, the passion you have in life should be similar in your profession to have the best attitude in the work environment. Finding the right balance between personal and professional development is a key to success. Matthew Lim, owner of Top To Bottom Construction, a home renovation company in Vancouver BC said “You need to have a passion for both your professional work as well as you personal goals. It definitely helps and makes sense to have a strong overlap between the two. A lack of overlap can cause some tension between the two and they start working against each other instead of helping each other.”

2. Assertiveness

Thinking and acting in an empathetic manner in front of other people allows one to understand others in such a way that, when there is a conflict, it is better solved. We must remember that all professional development involves teamwork, so this point is fundamental to learn and grow.

3. Effective communication with the work team

Having a clear and precise communication strategy to correctly express your ideas, knowledge and feelings, can represent an advantage in the professional aspect, as it will guarantee us better results in your work. Jim McCormack, owner of J.Mac Garage Doors (a Vancouver garage door company) said that “Communication with team members is crucial when working around potentially dangerous equipment. Communication is also of utmost importance when it comes to customer satisfaction. We need to hear as much feedback from our technicians in the field regarding the interactions with customers. We need to hear how consultations and installations went along with customer reactions to make sure we’re doing a good job taking care of them. Without good communication, it’s like we’re walking around blind.”

4. Set life goals

It precisely establishes personal and professional goals, determines the place you want to reach and what are the paths to follow to achieve it, helps to define the actions in order to achieve it, always in search of continuous professional development.

5. Facing positively the disadvantages

A successful person always seeks to deal with conflicts in the best way. Avoiding them or fleeing them will only limit us to growing. Neither should they give in to situations where discomfort is generated to avoid greater conflicts, since growth implies a mediation between the problem and the best solutions to solve it.

6. Capacity for self-criticism

Those who are successful are able to see their own mistakes and not just those of others, which allows them to be in a process of constant improvement and turn their “weaknesses” into strengths. With this mindset and sense of self-realization, there is an assurance of permanent growth. Jared Tan, owner of That Photo Booth Guy, a photo booth rental company in Vancouver commented, “If it weren’t for my humility when hearing suggestions from customers and taking positive action following those suggestions, my services would not be nearly as successful as they are now. It’s because of customers suggestions that we have been able to improve so much and build such a large client base.”

7. Opening

Having a friendly attitude towards others, as well as not closing in front of the opinions of colleagues, always allows a greater openness to learning in any field, generating even better coexistence in everyday life and making teamwork Always better.

8. Pro-activity

Taking initiative and carrying out activities without having to receive an order, as well as request information about your faults and defects in order to constantly improve, is one of the pillars to achieve professional success, as they indicate a positive and propositional character, characteristics of a leader.

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Here Is What You Need To Know Before Renting In Maadi

Getting an apartment for rent in Maadi is an easy and fun task. Maadi is an affluent suburb located on the eastern side of the Nile River from Cairo’s city center. The place is least densely populated. Maadi boasts of a large city Center with foreign brands taking hand in the retail sector, various supermarkets, exchange bureaus and international schools. Most of Maadi’s apartments are advertised on the internet and are easy to book or speak to an agent. 


There are many stylish apartments to choose from when you want to purchase one. In local Maadi, the real estate business has gated residences, flats and a wide range of architecture to choose from. It is always advisable to get a realtor who will show you available apartments for rent. The realtor’s job is to find an apartment that best suits your taste. The Realtor asks for a small commission after making sure you are comfortably settled. Most realtors are not bad guys and can be trusted.


Old Maadi’s architecture is a masterpiece old classic. Maadi sits on Cairo’s prime land, which is very safe and clean. Then there’s the new extension of Maadi that pulls up to Degla trees The railway passed through Maadi as early as 1904. The villa of the late king Hussein of Jordan is one of the eyes catching homes of the old Maadi built in between 1930 and 1980. The new Maadi consists of flats and top of the range homes. 


Areas with vacant furnished apartments in Maadi Cairo are in form of two or three or four bedrooms. The vacant apartments may be located on any floor of the building. Most people prefer apartments on the ground floor due to added advantages like parking, playing ground and easy accessibility for both the young and old. Some of the areas with vacant apartments in Maadi include Maadi digla, Maadi sarayat, Maadi dokki Zamalek, a few other apartments are located near rehab city which lies on the same side as Maadi, and a few vacant furnished apartments can also be found in old Maadi.


The guys with more than average income and prefer apartments to be extra spacious can also find villas in Maadi, Cairo. The average price of a villa in Maadi Cairo is 5000 to 10000 Egyptian pounds. Apartments are a bit cheaper here than most parts of Europe going at an average of 1000 to 6000 Egyptian pounds. Apartments in Zamelek are quite good for a person wishing to look at the Nile passing down below the street every day. However most electrical gadgets like computers, iPods, tablets, and smartphones need a 2 prong plug adapter while traveling over here as most wall sockets are 2 prong.


In Maadi, when you make specific requests you can get apartments for rent in Maadi that are strategically placed close to social amenities within a reasonable distance from home like playing fields, libraries, hospitals, sports club or even close to the highway. Getting an apartment for rent in Maadi is a smart choice compared to living in hotels across Cairo. there are also fun places to visit when in maadi. You can decide to go on a cruise on the famous Nile crystal or simply interact with the locals to experience a rich cultural experience.

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The World Series Champs

The World Series Champions of major league baseball in the year 2016 are the Chicago Cubs without a doubt. Many loyal fans have been waiting since 1908 to see their Cubbies return to the world stage in baseball. Whether you believe in the curse or not, you have to agree that going over 100 years between championships is indeed a little strange. The team had an incredible year and went wire to wire in the NL Central division. They were the most dominant team of all the teams in the NL division.

The year before they lost the NLCS to the New York Mets but this year was their year. At the beginning of the year, they added John Lackey to the pitching rotation. They also added Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward for more offense. Their top prospect Gleyber Torres was part of a package deal that they used at the trade deadline to acquire Aroldis Chapman. Aroldis was a key reliever who became a dominant factor at the end of many important playoff games.

Theo Epstein knew that he would have success with an assortment of excellent young players such as Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Addison Russell. The starting pitcher rotation was one of the best in the entire league and was a key reason why the Chicago Cubs won this year’s World Series. They have accumulated four of the best starting pitchers in all of the baseball. Both Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester may be considered for this year’s Cy Young award winner. These two awesome pitchers finished number one and number two in ERA.

Another key reason why the Chicago Cubs are world champions is that of their bullpen. At the trade deadline, as mentioned previously, they added Aroldis Chapman, but they also added Mike Montgomery and Joe Smith. Mike Montgomery could qualify next year as a starter, but the Cubs used him wisely as a relief pitcher from the bullpen. Chapman was phenomenal as a closer and posted a remarkable 1.01 ERA.

2015 saw the Cubs offense shine but the shine did not diminish during the 2016 season. They were third in runs, 12th in homers, first in walk percentage, 10th in slugging, and second in on-base. The catalyst for the team was Dexter Fowler who made the All-Star team for his very first time. Kyle Schwarber missed most of the season with torn knee ligaments but returned for the World Series. Other key offensive players that contributed to the cause were Javier Baez and Wilson Contreras.

The last major league baseball team to rally from a 3 – 1 series deficit was the Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals went on to beat the St. Louis Cardinals and win the World Series in 1985 after overcoming this deficit. There have been six others who have done this remarkable feat during a league championship series. However, the only other team to overcome this large of a deficit in the World Series was the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It is interesting to note that the last two teams to blow a 3 – 1 series lead were the Cleveland Indians in 2007 and the Chicago Cubs in 2003. It is also interesting to note that the Kansas City Royals are the only team in Major League baseball history to have come back twice during the same season after being down 3 – 1. In fact, including the four big sports of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey there are only two teams including the Kansas City Royals to do such a feat. The other team was the Minnesota Wild of the National Hockey League.

The future looks tremendous for the Chicago Cubs, and the city of Chicago can expect their Cubbies to be in next year’s playoff push as well.

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