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8 Success Tips For Vancouver Businesses

Nowadays, companies in Vancouver BC not only seek to recruit personnel with a wide range of knowledge and experience, but also have an innovative, positive and motivating attitude, qualities that organizations value very well. Positive attitudes, professional passion, and assertiveness are indicators that help better target skills and continuously guide the skills to guide people toward successful career growth. Starting from a positive attitude, which reflects the motivations and goals expected, orients people towards a better disposition and efficient work, which becomes a way to achieve personal and professional success. Here are eight qualities that allow one to improve some attitudes, which leads to a positive behavior and allows for the achievement of professional success:

1. Balance between professional and personal life

It is necessary to be aware that the activity that is carried out in an organization must also be combined with the personal goals, the passion you have in life should be similar in your profession to have the best attitude in the work environment. Finding the right balance between personal and professional development is a key to success. Matthew Lim, owner of Top To Bottom Construction, a home renovation company in Vancouver BC said “You need to have a passion for both your professional work as well as you personal goals. It definitely helps and makes sense to have a strong overlap between the two. A lack of overlap can cause some tension between the two and they start working against each other instead of helping each other.”

2. Assertiveness

Thinking and acting in an empathetic manner in front of other people allows one to understand others in such a way that, when there is a conflict, it is better solved. We must remember that all professional development involves teamwork, so this point is fundamental to learn and grow.

3. Effective communication with the work team

Having a clear and precise communication strategy to correctly express your ideas, knowledge and feelings, can represent an advantage in the professional aspect, as it will guarantee us better results in your work. Jim McCormack, owner of J.Mac Garage Doors (a Vancouver garage door company) said that “Communication with team members is crucial when working around potentially dangerous equipment. Communication is also of utmost importance when it comes to customer satisfaction. We need to hear as much feedback from our technicians in the field regarding the interactions with customers. We need to hear how consultations and installations went along with customer reactions to make sure we’re doing a good job taking care of them. Without good communication, it’s like we’re walking around blind.”

4. Set life goals

It precisely establishes personal and professional goals, determines the place you want to reach and what are the paths to follow to achieve it, helps to define the actions in order to achieve it, always in search of continuous professional development.

5. Facing positively the disadvantages

A successful person always seeks to deal with conflicts in the best way. Avoiding them or fleeing them will only limit us to growing. Neither should they give in to situations where discomfort is generated to avoid greater conflicts, since growth implies a mediation between the problem and the best solutions to solve it.

6. Capacity for self-criticism

Those who are successful are able to see their own mistakes and not just those of others, which allows them to be in a process of constant improvement and turn their “weaknesses” into strengths. With this mindset and sense of self-realization, there is an assurance of permanent growth. Jared Tan, owner of That Photo Booth Guy, a photo booth rental company in Vancouver commented, “If it weren’t for my humility when hearing suggestions from customers and taking positive action following those suggestions, my services would not be nearly as successful as they are now. It’s because of customers suggestions that we have been able to improve so much and build such a large client base.”

7. Opening

Having a friendly attitude towards others, as well as not closing in front of the opinions of colleagues, always allows a greater openness to learning in any field, generating even better coexistence in everyday life and making teamwork Always better.

8. Pro-activity

Taking initiative and carrying out activities without having to receive an order, as well as request information about your faults and defects in order to constantly improve, is one of the pillars to achieve professional success, as they indicate a positive and propositional character, characteristics of a leader.

This entry was posted on March 8, 2017.